Why is bamboo so popular? Bamboo is not just a tropical plant, as many cold-hardy varieties can handle sub-zero winters. In a quarter acre, you can fit plants. If winter temperatures frequently drop below zero F.

bamboo farm

If winter temperatures consistently stay above zero F. Next, you need to think about your soil. Is it healthy enough to grow bamboo plants? Most bamboo plants will prefer soil with a neutral pH of around 7.

The advantage of growing container bamboo is that you can easily mix a custom soil blend that is ideal for growing bamboo. Your start-up costs will mainly be the cost of the plant starts. Try buying 20 different popular varieties to start out. Our growing guide, Growing Bamboo For Profit, lists thirty of the most popular bamboo varieties, and wholesale sources as well.

Add organic slow-release fertilizer as necessary. During the spring of the second year, you should now be able to divide your plants to triple or quadruple your stock of bamboo plants.

There are several methods, but the one that is the easiest and most economical for small growers is root division. When you notice that new clumps are emerging from the ground, divide and re-plant.

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Remember to keep the rhizomes moist before and after planting. For the bamboo plants you plan to sell, consider propagating them in containers. Container-grown plants can be sold almost any time of the year. In addition, growing in containers and using drip irrigation can save on water consumption.

Direct Retail Sales: If your town allows it, you should consider selling bamboo for landscaping directly to the public. This lets you get to know customers in your area, and build customer loyalty. Plus, unlike wholesale, you get paid right away. Instead of simply selling bamboo, sell bamboo products. During the winter time, the plants will become dormant. Then, bamboo poles can be harvested, and then turned into a variety of products, such as privacy screens, garden art, water pipes, fencing, vases and parrot stands.

Landscapers: You can make great profits selling directly to landscapers. Put together a flyer listing what you have to offer, and start passing it out. Garden Centers: Like landscapers and commercial gardeners, garden centers have to get their plants from somewhere, so why not you? Again, if you can offer just what they need at reasonable prices, then you could see a lot of repeat business.A bamboo farm once started could continue to exist for years on and give you some form of residual income.

However, starting one needs extensive planning and preparation. Our guide can help you get ready to propagate bamboos commercially.

Top 10 FAQs About Growing Bamboo For Profit

Read on and discover important information to help you get started. Bamboos are employed for a variety of uses, perhaps for every article and utility anyone can think of? It is native to the tropics, but some are also tolerant of cold climate.

If you want to start a bamboo farm, you would need space and extensive planning to propagate it commercially. What you will spend in establishing a bamboo farm will depend on the species you want to raise. There are more than 1, species of bamboo to choose from. Some can be a foot short while others could grow to more than feet. Your capital outlay will also depend on the state of the land you want to cultivate. If it needs additional tilling and soil conditioning, you would have to spend more.

Land Preparation: Before planting bamboo seedlings, test the condition of your soil, particularly for acidity. Bamboos grow best in slightly acidic soil.

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It may be that you would need to put in lime to adjust its pH level to a degree most suitable for bamboo growing. Plantation: You can have bamboos for planting by growing them yourselves from a seed, using node cuttings or potted bamboo. Seeds are obtained from outside the U.

Planting bamboos should follow recommended specifications, particularly with regards to spacing. Some farms use CAD program and hire computer technician to measure distances so as to draw a master plan that includes the quantity and appropriate placement of bamboo groves, as well as irrigation system design.

Maintenance: Bamboos are drought tolerant and resistant to insects and diseases. But it may be that the variety you are growing needs special care.

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Learn what specific requirements your plant needs, for example, how much water does it need for a given period. Generally, bamboos need watering once or twice a week in the first few months. Also think about leaves cutting and pruning as your plantation grows. Harvesting: Bamboos take years to grow. It will take about six years before you can have your first harvest, which means you would have to wait that long to earn from your investment.

And capital outlays are usually big at the start.We are back to normal operations! Thank you for your support! Stay safe!!

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Start a Bamboo Farm

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We grow these non invasive beauties to sell in 3 gallon up to 15 gallon sizes. Each species has characteristics that lend them more for privacy while others are ornamental for that focal point in your garden.

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Open today. Open Monday to Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 10 to Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder.There is no industrial market for bamboo poles at the moment in the US. The market for poles is crafts. You can sell green poles for events such as weddings. You can chip the poles and sell mulch or bedding. You can make charcoal and sell it as is or as biochar. Bamboo shoots are a specialty food crop that brings good prices.

Some farmers sell them at farmers markets; others sell directly to high end restaurants. I sell them via USPS priority mail to eager customers. Livestock love to eat fresh bamboo leaves.

bamboo farm

They also love to eat bamboo hay. I have seen horses, cows, goats, sheep, llamas, and chickens eat bamboo leaves. Deer leave bamboo leaves alone?!

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Bamboo Farming USA. Home Why Bamboo? Selling bamboo poles There is no industrial market for bamboo poles at the moment in the US. Fresh bamboo shoots Bamboo shoots are a specialty food crop that brings good prices. Bamboo as livestock fodder Livestock love to eat fresh bamboo leaves.

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Bamboo Farming USA is available for tours and consultations.Enjoy this scenic 52 acre botanical garden. Sign-in at the Visitor Center and pick up a self-guided tour map.

Moreover, over camellia plants fill the Judge Arthur Solomon Camellia Trail, including several camellia species not commonly seen outside of their native China. Various hardy tropical plants grow across the grounds, too. The Garden for All Abilities facilitates gardening activities for people with physical disabilities. Strawberries are in season from mid-March to May, blackberries from mid-May to July, and blueberries in mid-June through July. Precise times for harvest vary annually based on spring and early summer weather conditions.

The Fall Family Festival happens each October. The Wild Game and Strawberry Suppers are popular, unique social events scheduled in late winter and mid-spring, respectively. Garden Etiquette - Please remain on walkways, roads or grass during your visit. Do not step in planting beds as it damages plants and drip irrigation systems. Photographers and their subjects must also remain out of any planted garden area. Do not pick flowers, fruits or leaves of any plant. Do not manipulate plants when taking photographs.

Please keep your pets at home. Garden History - Once the farm of Mrs. By the turn of the century, the bamboo had grown into an impressive grove.

To save the bamboo and farmstead, Dr. David Fairchild — the famed American plant explorer, botanist and manager with the U. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.

The property became a plant introduction station for bamboo and other plant species imported from eastern Asia. In it was deeded to the University of Georgia. Amenities: Free parking on sitepublic restrooms, vending machine, rental facilities, lecture hall Open: M-F 8 am to 5 pm; Sat.

Free admission for children ages 5 and under. Phone: - Please call ahead to reserve a tour for groups of 10 or more. Turn right on Canebrake Rd. All rights are reserved.My husband and I had never traveled out of the United States before and wanted a trip that was well planned by locals.

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bamboo farm

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