Threaded objective and ocular lens designed to accommodate optional accessories like the Hawke exclusive metal flip up covers, sunshades and honeycomb sunshades. Each lens layer is multi-coated throughout the optical system with microscopic layers of magnesium fluoride and other chemical layers. The coating is included on all internal lenses.

This guarantees sharpness, clarity, reduced flare and high light transmission. High grade alloys used for strength and low weight. Low profile fingertip design with no tools required to zero. Beryllium leaf spring, which will not relax or flatten with use, holds the erector tube rail ensuring reticle remains zeroed and the point of impact remains stable at all times.

All lenses are precision ground to exacting specifications before being fully multi coated. Only grade A lenses are hand selected to improve the optical characteristics. Glass etched reticle for precision illumination. Securely locked into place within the erector tube to withstand recoil. LED shielded to minimise outer glow. Wire reticles are sourced from Europe and manufactured to withstand high recoil.

X-ACT reticles designed to work with the ballistic trajectory of many popular calibres. Simplicity is underrated. Sometimes there is no need for bells and whistles. When you need a solid product to do the job you can rely on Vantage scopes to deliver time after time. Vantage brings functionality and performance in the field without cutting corners on the things that matter. Selected models feature parallax adjustment.

Adjustable Objective AO models allow you to correct parallax error by rotating the front lens assembly. Side Focus SF models have the parallax adjustment positioned within easy reach on the saddle.

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Available illuminated or non-illuminated, Vantage scopes feature a mono-tube chassis to provide stability and durability even with magnum recoil. Built on a 30mm mono-tube chassis and with a side focus control and locking turrets, the Vantage 30 WA SF make quality and accuracy more affordable than ever before. Vantage 30 Wide Angle models are an affordable and reliable selection for mid to long range hunting. Zeroing and staying on target is quick and reliable.

The Vantage range features 11 layer fully multi-coated lenses throughout the entire optical system for enhanced light transmission and increased contrast. Every Vantage IR model features dual red and green illumination with 5 brightness settings, allowing reticle visibility to be maximized in dark cover and shrub.

The side focus turret adjusts focus from 10 yards to infinity and features a dual red and green illumination control with 5 brightness settings.

Smooth and precise, side focus scopes adjust from 10 yards 15 yards x44 to infinity ensuring parallax free focus is always maintained. Ergonomically designed to be smooth yet solid.

To help us deliver the best user experience and service please select you location from the options above. Models Features Reticles. Versatile, affordable, exceptional.

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Vantage from Hawke is redefining value in optics. Fully Multi-coated Lenses The Vantage range features 11 layer fully multi-coated lenses throughout the entire optical system for enhanced light transmission and increased contrast. Side Focus Parallax SF Models Smooth and precise, side focus scopes adjust from 10 yards 15 yards x44 to infinity ensuring parallax free focus is always maintained.WaveTower for Mac brings a host of new features and capabilities, including sending scan data to the WaveTower web application, frequency coordination, single login for application authentication on the web or desktop, and more All changes can be made on-the-fly, without starting or stopping the connection.

Launch WaveTower for mac and you're immediately scanning, no session setup or learning curve. WaveTower for Mac supports CSV data file exports to industry leading frequency coordination programs including.

Manually input or import wireless equipment inventory to populate frequencies in the Monitor table. Set a dropout threshold and get a live view of signal levels across your wireless system at a glance.

A marker and label is placed at each frequency location along with a red or green status against the dropout threshold.

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Monitor mode works especially well on a dedicated secondary display during a show. With WaveTower running you can keep an eye out for interference and signal dropouts before they wreak havoc on your wireless system. Use Monitor mode pre-show to walk test wireless mics and IEMs to fine tune remote antenna placement, setting RF power levels or other system configurations. Back to All Software.

WaveTower will also auto-save your scan ranges for quick recall in the scan dropdown menu. Need support? Contact us below. WaveTower Support. Get started with WaveTower for Mac. Start your download now. Subscribe to the Blog.Touchstone software turns data collected from RF Explorer spectrum analyzers into highly graphical charts and displays, enabling users to more readily visualize the RF environment, monitor RF signals, troubleshoot RF issues, and detect sources of RF interference.

Nuts About Nets has created two different variations of the software -- standard and professional. The table below summarizes their differences:. For evaluation purposes feel free to download the software applications. Without the RF Explorer device the software runs in a fully functional 'Demo mode' using simulated data.

In addition to running as a standalone, handheld device, RF Explorer can be connected to a PC where Windows software e. Touchstone is used to provide enhanced functionality and data analysis.

vantage rf download

The connection is made using a mini USB cable. Documentation for Touchstone can be found here. Touchstone continuously scans and samples the signal strength dBm of frequencies in the range the user has specified. In the 'Spectrum Trace' view the signal strength data in dBm is displayed as a function of frequency.

The 'Waterfall History' view is also known as a "heatmap" graph. It provides a color-based visualization of the RF level and activity over time. As signal levels for specific frequencies or frequency ranges increase and decrease, the waterfall map varies its colors. This feature provides a quick glance back into the sweep history to identify aberrations or fluctuation in frequency levels.

The 'Topographic Map' chart shows accumulated RF energy as a function of frequency.

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The power of the signal strength in dBm is shown across the frequency span. A signal strength with a relatively low occurrence is 'blueish' in color, whereas increasingly brighter colors are used for signal strengths that occur more frequently.

Signal strengths that occur most often are 'redish' in color. Over time, this spectral view will approximate the steady-state RF energy signature of a given environment. The 'Delta Trace' view can be used to view small or large changes in the RF spectrum over time. Here's how it works When scanning begins the first trace is saved as a 'snapshot'.

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For all subsequent scans, the snapshot trace is subtracted from the current trace and the difference, i. Plotting the data in this way makes it easy to detect RF changes that occurred since the initial 'snapshot'. The 'Threshold Trace' view highlights with a yellow box those frequencies whose signal strength exceeds a user-defined threshold.

This feature is especially useful for visually emphasizing strong signals and deemphasizing weak oneswhere the user gets to define 'strong' and 'weak' according to where they set the threshold. For example, in the setting of a live performance where it is important to monitor the channels that have been assigned to wireless audio devices, this feature can be used to ensure those channels are not being impacted by other sources of RF transmissions.

Alternatively, if there are wireless devices that transmit at specific frequencies and you wish to monitor their transmissions, then this mode can be used to verify they are currently operating.

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For example, in a cell-phone free area, the this feature can be used to monitor the frequency bands used by cell phones for the purpose of detecting prohibited transmissions. RF Explorer spectrum analyzer is a very unique device.With two programmable buttons, RadioLink keypads provide scene control for transition areas, such as hallways or pathways, that are traditionally wired with 3- or 4-way switches.

In existing Allows effortless control of devices such as lighting loads, shades, projector screens, pumps, garage doors, and more. The Standard Load Dimmer Module allows for flawless dimming of any type of light in your space and is essential in creating lighting scenes.

Brochures Vantage Video. Vantage A group Brand Legrand. Professional Support. Why Lighting Controls. Universal Dimming Module. View Product.

Lenovo Vantage

Wireless Dimmer Station. Start with a single dimmer, then add and scale the system to meet the changing requirements of your luxury space. Whether for a retrofit, remodel, or renovation project, a multi-use space or new construction, the Vantage RadioLink Keypad.

InFusion Dimmer Module. The InFusion Standard Dimming Modules is a key component of Vantage's class-leading lighting control solution for luxury residential and commercial spaces. LED Dimming Module. Line Voltage Relay Module. The InFusion Line Voltage Relay Module is a key component of Vantage's class-leading lighting control solution for luxury residential and commercial spaces.

All Rights Reserved. For more information, call RK12XE RadioLink Keypad With two programmable buttons, RadioLink keypads provide scene control for transition areas, such as hallways or pathways, that are traditionally wired with 3- or 4-way switches.The surprisingly affordable Vantage 32 LE.

RF Data transfer to host computer via 8 PCI express lanes with a sustained data transfer rate up to 6. Multiple Vantage systems can be synchronized to provide up to channels. Verasonics custom transducer connector options. This white paper describes the rationale for, and benefits of, using the Vantage Arbitrary Waveform capability.

Read this white paper and learn about signal processing techniques to acquire data up to 50 MHz.

vantage rf download

Vantage Software Capabilities. UTAs for Biomedical Research. The Vantage Upgrade Continuum. Key System Specifications:. All Vantage systems can be reconfigured or upgraded to additional options. How fast is Vantage? System Options — L earn about Vantage options and accessories. Verasonics transducer options. Download Technology White Papers.

Arbitrary Waveform. Bandwidth Sampling. Vantage Family. Vantage Transmit Capabilities. Download Information about synchronizing your Vantage System with other devices. Synchronization Triggers. The Vantage System is intended to be used for research and experimental uses only. The Vantage System is not a diagnostic ultrasound device.Sadly, Lenovo has decided to make its Vantage application only available from the Windows Store.

There is however an option to run this program without using Windows Store by downloading the ZIP file and running the included BAT file as an administrator. With that said, Lenovo Vantage provides a complete system for managing a Windows PC for those owning a newer model of Lenovo notebooks.

With it, you can control energy management; several different components like video, audio, WiFi, keyboard and mouse; special features depending on the model of notebook or desktop and several other features. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from computer utilities without restrictions.

vantage rf download

Lenovo Vantage Compatibility with this lenovo management software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.

A separate x64 version of Lenovo Vantage may be available from Lenovo. Program Info Screenshots 1 Virus Tests. Lenovo Vantage generally functions only on PCs that were actually manufactured by the company. Download Lenovo Vantage We have tested Lenovo Vantage We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans. Screenshots of Lenovo Vantage 1.

Accessories Manual for the Laser Tracker

View all screenshots 1. Similar Software. Assistant for Lenovo Android devices to flash and rescue devices. Access updates and important information directly from Lenovo. A must-have utility for managing components of Lenovo laptops. Ranking in Utility Software 7 of Utility Downloads. Download Details.By single-sourcing RF Venue for all your professional wireless needs, system integrators and live sound production professionals gain access to industry leading RF hardware and software:. Great products and great customer service.

Using Vantage with Shure Wireless Workbench

We're developing a new relationship with a client and we've been asked to provide more RF Venue products for their system. We keep a Diversity Fin on hand at all times for this very reason. Especially, in my market We offer it to our touring clients in lieu of a traditional helical antenna, which requires a large case to transport.

Saves the band a great deal of money, and hassle over time.

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Most importantly, it works great!!! The performance is there. The value is there. The support is there. RF Venue makes wireless microphones and in-ear monitors work and sound better. Become a Dealer Buy Online. Spectrum auctions, interference, and surging demand for wireless communications More devices are competing for less spectrum. What Our Dealers Say. RF Venue Spotted in the Wild. He got almost ' of range! No dropouts. Subscribe to the Blog.

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